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DISCLAIMER: This site provides financial product information that is intended to attract clients as well as to inform and educate our website visitors in regard to borrowing or funding opportunities and related financial topics. While an attempt has been made to provide information that is topical, accurate and useful, and the information provided is from sources deemed to be reliable, any topic within this website may include personal opinions and general information and is not guaranteed to be current or fully comprehensive.  The financial, credit, or funding advice or legal information within this website is, also, not guaranteed to apply universally as everyone's situation is different and the laws, and their application, or the practicality of the information or advice can substantially vary with time, specific circumstances and/or location.

CONSULT WITH A PROFESSIONAL: We are not, and do not claim to be, attorneys or accountants, whose counsel is suggested to all users before they obligate themselves in any financial arrangement, loan, real estate purchase, etc, or they pursue any course of legal action. User acknowledges that they are solely responsible for their own decisions and actions and further acknowledges that the advice of legal/accounting professionals has been suggested in regard to their investing or legal/financial pursuits. Any general discussions of legal issues found on this website cannot replace such professional legal or financial counsel. Any specific legal or financial topics found on this website are only intended to be subjects for discussion with the user's own legal or financial professional. Nothing contained within this website shall be considered to be such counsel, or an adequate replacement thereof. Advice or opinion of the user's own attorney or accountant should always prevail over any contrary information, suggestion, theory or topic found here.

PRIVACY & SECURITY POLICIES: We respect your privacy and follow all applicable privacy regulations, in our dealings with website visitors, customers or clients. No confidential information you provide to us is ever disbursed to third parties except as you authorize, in writing, in regard to a funding application, or otherwise. We observe federal Do-Not-Call regulations and do not approve of SPAMMING by ourselves or others. We do not sell or give away your email address or other contact information, that you provide to us, except as you authorize.  We strongly emphasize that, even, text emails may no longer be secure.  
We are happy to provide encryption keys and instructions for sending emails or documents to us in a secure manner and accept no responsibility for any breach of security if those, or similar, measures are not taken.  We also advise that you take reasonable measures to protect your identity, the contents of your computer, as well as the security of your communications with us and others.  (Detailed suggestions can be found within this website.)  We will not be held responsible for the loss of security of any confidential information from us which was stored in an insecure manner, either on a computer or otherwise.

Further Important Notice:  No information contained on the web site constitutes an offer to sell securities or a solicitation of an offer to buy securities within the United States of America except in the restricted access portions of the site which may invite qualified investors to request further information which is exempt from registration normally required by the Securities Act of 1934, as amended, and the exemption provisions of the individual states.  Any such material found on this site is offered in compliance with Regulation D of said Act and access to that material is limited to those defined by said Regulation.  Except as further defined by the specific material, and limited as above, none of the information contained on this web site is a recommendation for investment in any securities.

LOCAL ACCESS, VIEWING OR USE RESTRICTIONS:  There are legal requirements in various countries that may restrict the information that we can lawfully provide to residents of those countries. Persons into whose possession the information in this website comes should inform themselves about and observe any restrictions imposed in the jurisdiction in which the website is accessed.  The responsibility or liability for access, viewing or use of such materials, which are limited or prohibited to persons based on their locality, rests solely with those persons.

:  In compliance with Regulation D, or other sections of the Securities Act of 1933 ("The Act"), as amended, access to portions of this website are restricted almost exclusively to accredited investors, or certain other investors, as defined by Section 501 of The Act.  These pages may contain funding investment opportunities, private placements or other offerings that might be considered to be securities and, if exempt from registration according to The Act, the exemptions may derive at least partially because they are not generally marketed, or publicly offered, as stated in Rules 501, 504, 505 &/or 506 of Regulation D, et al.  Any attempt to evade the security of those restricted pages by anyone not authorized &/or qualified to view those pages, whether successful or not, will be prosecuted as the law allows.

AVAILABILITY OF PRODUCTS OR SERVICES: Because the financial markets are in a constant state of change, any rates, terms, approval standards or guidelines of mortgage or funding products may change at any time. and without notice. Any particular listed or described loan program, funding offer or opportunity, or other service, may be modified or cease to be available at any time, and without notice. No claim is made, or shall be imputed, to the contrary.

APPROVAL NOT GUARANTEED: Use of this website constitutes acknowledgement that nothing contained herein shall be considered to be a loan approval, or commitment to lend, prior to the approval of a formal application from a qualified borrower. No assurance is made that any particular listed program is appropriate for, or applies to, any or all potential applicants or visitors to this web site. The application and funding process is subject to the laws of the United States of America and its individual states, as such laws apply to each individual or borrowing entity and the specific type of funding being sought.

RESIDENTIAL LENDING: General information has been provided for some residential mortgage lending/products as an educational public service. However, any visitor interested specifically in a residential loan/mortgage is strongly advised to seek the services of a competent mortgage broker, or lender, who is licensed and qualified to provide residential lending services and advice for the type of loan being sought, and in the jurisdiction where the subject prperty is located. It is not claimed that this website meets all of the various disclosure requirements for residential, and/or owner-occupied, mortgage lending. Those interested in a residential loan are advised to become familiar with their rights under the RESPA, TILA, HOEPA
and other controlling federal or state regulations, and to ensure that they are provided with the required disclosures upon application.

OTHER TERMS: Any interest rates stated are examples only. Interest rates generally mean APR rates, rather than note rates, but those APR's vary with, and are subject to, the actual finance charges that apply to each loan. All financial products discussed are for qualified borrowers only. However, we do not discriminate in the extension of credit as such discrimination is defined by FCRA, FACTA. ECOA or other pertinant US law. We reserve the right to recuse ourselves from providing any funding or service if, in our sole opinion, any party or agreement demands such discrimination, as so defined, as a condition of providing our services. We do not originate any funding in a locality where we are not licensed, if such a license is required for the loan product we seek to originate, except through co-broker agreements as such arrangements are legally permitted.  In this disclosure statement, Quest Funding Services, LLC is also referred to as Quest Funding Services or Quest and is meant to include the company, as well as its directors, officers, employees, agents or authorized representatives, except that the company shall not be responsible for anyone who acts on the behalf of the company except by specific authorization or instruction from the company.

HOLD-HARMLESS AGREEMENT: User agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Quest Funding Services (et al: its directors, officers, owners, agents, affiliates, licensors, licensees and employees) harmless from and against any and all liability and costs, including without limitation, reasonable attorney fees, incurred by Quest Funding Services, et al, in connection with any claim arising from user's personal use and implementation of any and all information or services which Quest Funding Services, et al, offers or provides, through this website or otherwise. This includes consequential damages or any damages resulting from alleged negligence by Quest Funding Services, et al.

Relationship Between Quest Funding Services and its customers or website users/visitors:  
It should be obvious that in any funding, investment or advisory situation, the relationship can vary with each circumstance, as well as with time.  Unless otherwise specifically provided in a written agreement executed by both parties, the relationship between Quest Funding Services, et al, and its customers or website users/visitors is, and shall be, as independent contractors and not as partners, joint venturers, or agents of the other, except after such a partnership, joint venture, agency or other relationship has been specifically established by a written and executed agreement, and neither party shall bind or attempt to bind the other party to any contract, either actual or implied, except by means of prior written authorization to do so by the other party.  At different times, and different circumstances, Quest may represent a borrower or a lender.  We may act as a broker, a lender, an advisor, representative or agent of one party or the other. However, our relationship with all parties, in any particular situation, will be openly disclosed at the time that any specific relationship is contemplated or established.

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