Average Mortgage Rates & Financial Indexes

More Videos Detailing the Origins of the
Sub-Prime, Wall Street & Financial Crisus

Bill Black and Ken Lewis are probaly better than anyone at detailing the financial shenanigans, gambling and greed which brought down banks &, almost, the country and the world:

Bill Black with Bill Moyers Michael Lewis:  From Questions & Answers
William K Black is the author of, "The Best Way
to Rob a Bank is to Own One"
Michael Lewis is the Author of, "The Big Short"
and, before that, "Liars Poker"
60 Minutes: Wall Street's Shadow Market Michael Lewis with Charlie Rose
Full Interview (53 min)
More Michael Lewis:
W/ Fareed Zakaria on CNN - Part 1  Part 2
With:   Katie Couric   Jeffrey Brown
Geek Talk - Mortgage-backed Securities, Derivatives, Swaps, Hedge Funds:
Mortgage Backed Securities
More: "Structured Securities (CDO's, etc)"
Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO's)
More: "What is Securitization?"
More: "Synthetic CDO's & CDS's"
Hedge Funds Explained Credit Default Swaps

Opinion - Michael Lewis: "Wall Street is Making America Worse", Thanks to Bloomberg News

From pbs FRONTLINE: Ten Trillion (& Counting)

Webmaster Note: The books and videos on this page were primarily chosen because they seem to be the most realistic about who is to blame for the present financial and mortgage crisis. Impartiality was sought, in an attempt to avoid those sources that blame some entities and make excuses for others. In the end, there is plenty of blame to go around. HERE is our conclusion of what happened to cause the economic crisis of 2007, and onward, and who is to blame.