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Commercial Loan Funding & Related Services

Commercial lending had always been a specialized business but, the sources of commercial loans have been limited.  Now, with the addition of a large number of diverse lenders, the innovations that have been available in the residential mortgage market are now becoming available to commercial borrowers...especially advantageous in these days of extreme caution by the formerly usual lenders. 

Even as local, community banks are choking on non-performing commercial debt, new sources of funds and varied programs have come on board which increase the potential for many underserved applicants to become borrowers... From limited documentation loans to "hard money" mortgages, for commercial borrowers with special funding circumstances or even damaged credit; to alternative funding opportunities that lie somewhere between conventional and hard-money loans. 

Whether you are looking for acquisition funds, operating capital, bridge loans, construction loans, Small Business Administration loans, mortgages on unique properties, Cash-Flow & Private Note Buyouts or even an auction to convert under-performing property to cash, we probably have a source or service for you.  For those who need loan amounts that are larger than is available locally, we have lenders who have virtually no limit on the size of their commercial loans, provided it is financially justified.  Even if we do not have an immediate source of funding for you, we will try to find one, or direct you to one, as appropriate for your needs.  

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SBA-Small Business Administration Loans:  
SBA loans are often the best solution for persons wanting to acquire a business, with or without real estate, or to expand an existing business.  Quest Funding Services is associated with recognized SBA providers in a manner that circumvents a long approval time...These sources are able to approve the loans without first sumbitting them to the SBA.

In addition to community development loans, SBA loans are available in two loan size ranges: Long-term financing for business entities with net worths up to $7.500,00 and net income up to $2,500,000. Loan limits range from $1,500,000 to about $4,000,000.  SBA "Microloans" and "Express" loans are provided for working capital or to purchase inventory and have a maximum loan amount of $35,000 & $25,000 respectively...far less than most commercial lenders will consider.  Ask us for details.

It would be wise to remember that the SBA only guarantees loans made by conventional lending institutions. The loans are intended to be for those borrowers who have already shown that the funding they desire is not available through any other means. The SBA will not lend for rental real estate investments nor will they finance a lender who, in turn, lends the money out to others. When the financing of real estate is involved, it is expected that the borrower will occupy the premises.

Commercial Construction. Construction & Construction-to-Perm loans:
In need of a commercial "construction-to-perm"  or commercial construction loan?  Quest Funding Services can help you.  We also have construction loans for owner-builders, builders of "spec" homes or for entire residential projects, even land acquisition. The variety of lenders and programs for these purposes varies too widely to make generalizations about them.  Provide us with details of your needs and we will work to obtain the financing that you have had trouble placing.

Construction loans are listed on this page and on the Alternative/Hard Money and residential pages because these loans are available in conventional, commercial or Alternative/Hard Money forms. There are so many permutations of borrower and property/use that it impossible to assume what type of loan will work for a particular funding request without knowing the details.

Click HERE for Alternative/Hard Money Construction Funding information

Commercial Loans from Insurance Companies, REITS & REIMC's:  
Quest Funding Services can fund loan from these sources for qualified borrowers and properties. These include lenders that offer some of the most advantageous rates...even approaching the prime rate. These loans are often often submitted through correspondants and can take a fairly long time for approval and processing. With their low rates and fees, these lenders are very cautious lenders. The lenders prefer newer properties and it is difficult to modify the loans, after they are originated, or to add subordinate financing later. But, the rates they offer are about the lowest available. So, if you have the time and qualify, it may be worth your while to pursue this financing. Just do not expect to settle on you loan quickly, ever if you are a highly qualified borrower with a very "do-able" funding proposal.

Note: In the current mortgage crisis, loans that are funded with monies from investment bank mortgage security pools, called REIMC's (Real Estate Investment Mortgage Conduits) have dried up to a great extent. However, there is too much profit to be made for them not to return in some form, even if the financial controls on them are tightened to increase the quality of the underlying mortgages.

Traditional Institutional Commercial Lenders:
Quest Funding Services offers loans from a number of these conventional commercial lending sources, such as commercial banks. Let us know your needs and we will determine if you meet the lending guidelines of any of these institutions. If you do, the rates and terms can be advantageous. Do, however, bear in mind that, as with the above category of loans, these loans are not for borrowers who must close very quickly.