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Quest Funding is looking for investors who want a higher return than they are presently getting from conventional investments, such as bonds or the risky stock market. We can match you up with real estate investors in need of funding for their projects. You get the benefit of our professional underwriting and mortgage servicing and the protection of a first mortgage or trust deed on real estate with a good loan-to-value ratio, positive cash flow, property/hazard insurance and a large amount of equity. Returns can range from 8 to 13 percent or more. 

Want to know why you should use Quest Funding to place your investments in private mortgages or trust deeds?  Click to read Here . Also, read  Here for some reasons why originating your own private loans has risks you can avoid by working with Quest Funding Services - The Good, the Bad, the Ugly of Private Lending.

Quest Funding acts in two different capacities, as a (1) broker-servicer or as a (2) lender/manager & servicer. In the first capacity, the funding transaction is directly between the investor and the borrower. Quest Funding acts in the capacity of underwriter and processor until the funding is originated. Afterward, Quest Funding acts as the servicer and, if ever required, as the interum property manager. When Quest Funding acts in this capacity, there is, in general, one investor for each borrower & property; and the investor and subject property usually need to be located in the same state. With these limitations, all parties remain in compliance with the pertinent law.  

In the second capacity, investors must be "accredited investors" as defined by various securities laws. In order to comply with the provisions of Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1934, as amended, investors must meet one of the various definitions of an accredited investor. The offerings and other information aimed at accredited investors are not accessible to the general public, as mandated by the law. 

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A 30 day waiting period between our verification of your status as an accredited investor and the granting of access to the restricted, investor section of this website is mandatory in order to comply with the law. Once that waiting period has passed, and the investor has an established relationship with Quest Funding, the accredited investor will be given a username and password for access to that most restricted section of this website, via a separate login within the regular member section.

Nothing on this page consititutes an offer to buy or sell specific first mortgage investments. An offer is made only through an offering circular only to investors who are financially capable of undertaking the risks implied in this type of investment.  While the returns can be lucrative, investing in first mortgages involves substantial risk that cannot be completely mitigated even with the most cautious investigation and/or underwriting.  Please be sure to read the risk factors section of any offering circular before investing in the underlying debt instrument.

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