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Quest Funding seeks borrowers from various sources, including real estate and mortgage brokers. We encourage you to consider referring your borrowers to us. Our promises to you and your borrowers, and some FAQ can be found below:

Please Consider Referring  Borrowers or Investors to Us:

Our Promises to You, as a Broker:

  1. Quest Funding Services will perform all reasonable due diligence and exhibit the same dedication and competence, in an attempt to meet your borrowers' funding needs, as if they were our own customers.
  2. Quest Funding Services will not exclude you "from the loop" of work with your borrowers. You will receive updates of our progress toward funding your borrowers. As a matter of fact, we reserve the right to request to request that you "run down" docs, from the customer, if they dawdle in providing what we require during underwriting/processing.
  3. Our agreement for compensation to you, in exchange for the referral, will be specific and in writing and we will not evade our responsibility to pay the referral fee within the agreed-upon time after the funding is accomplished.
  4. We will keep our own processing, underwriting or similar fees to reasonable levels, and these will be disclosed to you and your borrowers prior to them becoming payable obligations of the borrowers.
  5. We will not fund a borrower, or refinance one we have previously funded, just for the sake of earning fees for a lender, you, another broker or ourselves, when it is obvious to us that the borrower will default on the loan during its term OR if, at the time a hard money loan is funded, we are inclined to believe that refinancing to a permanent loan is unlikely to  be possible for a borrower whose intent is to retain the property for an indefinite period of time. We do not "loan to own", nor do the lenders/brokers we represent or deal with.
  6. We will be honest with any borrowers who we cannot fund. We will not unreasonably keep them "hanging" in hopes of being funded when we have become conviced that we cannot help them.
  7. You will be paid a referral fee on future fundings we obtain for someone you referred to us.
  8. We will, upon your request, keep you informed of our other services which you can offer to your customers for a fee.
  9. If you have your own private investors, we offer to find investments for them. You and we may, when appropriate, trade investor lists. Make no mistake about it. This will increase your own fundings, NOT deplete your investors. (Don't think that any investors doesen't invest elsewhere anyway.) When allowed, by law, we will pay you on a contingent basis if such referrrf investors choose to invest in private loans through us. Ask Us For Details.

Why We Prefer Referrals to Co-Broker Arrangements:

We prefer to fund loans for your customers when you specifically know or control them, and we prefer to be able to work directly with the customer. That is why we prefer referrals to traditional co-broker arrangements. Our experience is that it is usually, especially unproductve when, say, a broker brings a customer to you and then you bring them to us. In other words, we prefer a chain from customer to lender NOT to exceed:

Borrower /YOU--------QUEST--------Lender/Correspondent

Why Have This Limit?
  • Mainly, broker-to-broker-to-broker funding requests are usually "over-shopped". They simply DON'T CLOSE! How many times have you "spun your wheels" trying to get such a loan approved only to find out that the loan had been shopped and over-shopped to the lenders/brokers you approached? Think about it...why would a broker have contacted you, another broker, if the funding could have been accomplished directly with a commercial or, even, hard money lender? We want to close loans, not waste our time or yours.***
  • With a chain of brokers involved between the lender and the borrower, time is wasted and document requests are often inadequately or incorrectly transmitted. Documents can also be lost and the confidentiality of personal information compromised.
  • Quest Funding Services makes various disclosures which we deem to be professional and honest, even when no lawy or regulation requires them. We, frankly, do not want to be forced to worry about whether such disclosures reached the borrower(s).
  • We keep you "in the loop" and pay your fee without the requirement for you to process the funding request or chase down documents. There is no need for you to be involved with the "busy-work" when you could be looking for more business. (On the other hand, we sure hope you will assist us if a borrower is slow to meet our document requests.)
***  Note that with some funding sources (REIT, REIMC, SBA or Life insurance funds, we are already forced to deal with correspondants/brokers. Adding more entities to the chain just makes it more cumbersome and less likely to close the funding.


Typical Referral Fees:  

Note: As you probably know, nearly all commercial loan broker fees are "add-on", as opposed to yield-spread premiums paid by the actual lender, though YSP's are paid by some institutional lenders.

We limit your fee to 2 points, maximum, when the loan is funded by our own investors or from the Worldquest Fund we are establishing. This keeps us, and you, competitive in the hard money (we prefer to call it "alternative funding") market.

When we fund your borrower thru a third-party (institutional, etc) lender, the fee paid to you is 20% of the net fee received by Quest.  Total points vary with the loan, borrower, property type, use and lender, subject to the lender's guidelines. Very large loans could pay you a very small number of points...maybe even only 1/4 point. BUT that is still $250,000 on a $100,000,000 loan! Not too bad, considering we do all the work for you!

Interested in making from 30-60% of the net commission and still not have to process, package, underwrite or close the loan?

For a limited time, and in limited territories, Quest Funding Services is seeking to partner with independent contractor Regional Affiliatess who are honest, dedicated, competant and professional originators.  You additional training and support that could be worth thousands of dollars, yet you also get to concentrate on originating loans.  All we need is the customer introduction, a signed application and a basic loan package.  The rest is up to us.  We deal with the customer, complete the application package, match the borrower to the right loan program and handle everything through to closing.  

Your basic commission is 30%, the highest we know of online.  But, you will have the ability to make as much as 65% when you reach certain funding levels within the previous quarter.  And you STILL just have to originate...we do the rest and you get the benefit of a national company to support your efforts.  

There are other options to make money also:  If you refer a third-party broker to us, who submits a customer that succeeds in getting funding from, or through, us, you get paid.  Send a client to us who hires us to prepare a business plan or private placement memorandum, and you get paid.  Introduce us to an investor who allows us to place their investment into a private loan, and service the loan, and you get paid when the loan closes AND a portion of the interest during the loan term.  And, there are many other benefits of representing Quest.  Sound good to you?

Then call us and make your future all that it can be

Question:  Aren't Referral Fees illegal?

For the majority of RESPA-controlled residential originations, that is true. But, except for a few tricky exceptions, referrals related to most commercial or hard money originations are perfectly legal. Obviously, when a referral fee is illegal, we can't pay them. We value our freedom! Please note that we have a policy of disclosure that meets or exceeds that which is required to be made to borrowers. As in everything we do, we believe that honesty is the best policy.

We Limit Funding Services According to the Following Guidelines:

In general, our services are available nationwide, but we limit our services to some degree to ensure compliance with federal and state laws. We aim to protect ourselves, and you, by remaining in compliance with national and local laws and regulations which control or limit our services:
  • Except through a cobroker arrangement as permitted by law, Quest Funding Services will not originate or arrange a commercial debt instrument if it is for a property in a state with commercial licensing laws to which  Quest Funding Services has not complied.
  • Except on a legal cobroker basis, @uest Funding Services does not originate or arrange such instruments if they are subject to the control of SEC regulations or subject to the control of state securities regulations to which we have not, or cannot, comply.
  • Except in those states in which we can orignate residential loans as originators for Mega Financial Network of NJ, or in which a cobroker arrangement can meet all the precepts of all relevant laws, Quest Funding Services does not originate loans on 1-4 unit residential properties, owner-occupied properties or any similar property that is suvject to RESPA guidelines. ***
***We are able to oriignate such loans in NJ and Florida as originators, thru Mega Financial Network, LLC (of NJ), for qualified borrowers. We invite you to discuss your desired funding with us. We will tell you if we can both help you and comply with the law.