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Accelerate Your Mortgage...

Pay it in 1/3 of the Term

It is no secret that pre-paying principal saves interest expense, often a huge amount, over the term of a loan.  But there is another way, a fascinating technique called reverse compounding", to "turn the table" on your banker and save interest the same manner that he charges you for interest.  The result is that you could pay off a 30 year mortgage in less than 10 years!  

We offer several means of helping you implement the technique: Click Here to request Details of a software package that automates the process for your to maximize every dollar that can be saved.  Our version of this software costs 50% to 80% less than similar software and it does more! It comes with many bonuses and lifetime live support and is obtained by a one-time-only payment.  It is not a tiny cost, but for the cost of the average PITI mortgage payment, you can save 200 mortgage payments, and the cost of the software can be paid over the course of a year.  In addition, you are provided with a personal advisor and lifetime support, and numerous other free financial advisories.  The goal is to pay of your mortgage quickly and help you retire years sooner than you might have thought possible.  You will find yourself smiling everytime the software updates to show how much additional interest you have saved. It is truly astounding!  

If you are a bit of a "math nut", and can handle some monthly calculations and record-keeping without the aid of software, you can buy a copy of Financial Advantage which explains reverse compounding and how to accomplish it manually.  Click here for Financial Advantage E-Book Details.  (For most people, the software will be easier to use, even though the cost is higher, but the e-book will work if you apply a bit of learning and effort.) 

With either the software or the e-book, you will be amazed at what you can save.  Frankly, it is almost impossible for most people to believe that this can be done without any additional costs, and some think this is a scam.  But it is totally legal and legitimate and works completely as explained.  Show the system to your accountant and your lawyer.  Rather than telling to not to take advantage of the system, they are likely to want a copy of the software or E-Book for themselves!  (Note:  The system works best if you have at least a little cash left over each month, but will work to a lesser degree even if you live "paycheck to paycheck".)

Bi-Weekly Payment Solutions

For those who desire a more "mainstream" way of saving mortgage interest, there is the bi-weekly mortgage program.  This is a structured way to pre-pay that interest and shorten the term of your mortgage.  A bi-weekly mortgage consists of paying half of the agreed-upon monthly payment every 2 weeks.  The effect is to pay 26 half-payments, or 13 full payments, over the course of a year.  That extra payment will cut off 1/4 of the term of a loan, or even more.  The savings can be 10's of thousands of dollars without putting an undue burden on most borrowers.  

Before the creation of this type of bi-weekly program, borrowers were limited to the very few lenders and loan programs that had a bi-weekly option.  There are l very few programs available directly from lenders.  But, now, Quest Funding Services has this third-party program that can turn any loan or installment payment into a bi-weekly loan.  For a low initial set-up fee, the borrower will authorize direct, automatic deductions of payments and gain the benefits of a bi-weekly mortgage.  Contact us for more information.

Remember, this is a lifetime program.  If a mortgage is refinanced or, in some other way, replaced with another mortgage, the borrower can transfer their Mortgage Savings Program to the new loan for a small transfer fee.  The borrower never worries about whether they have made their payment and they gain a great benefit of interest savings.  

This bi-weekly calculator will give you an idea of the savings possible (under construction).  

Quest Funding Services is a registered representative of AAA Financial Corp.  Founded in 1980, AAA Financial Corp. is the leading, bi-weekly mortgage pre-payment plan administrator in the country.  Loan officers who are interested is becoming our associates and offering this valuable to their clients are welcome to email us also.

Beware:  Because there are small fees involved in this program, some people have disparaged this type of program because you can pre-pay your mortgage yourself, at no expense.  But, you can bet that most of these same people are taking 30 years to pay a 30 year mortgage.  Why? Because human nature is such that very few people are disciplined enough to make the prepayments on a regular basis.  In over 30 years in the real estate and mortgage businesses, we have encouraged every single borrower to prepay their mortgage...and only 2 people have been disciplined to do so on a regular basis...and they are "tickled pink" at how low their mortgage balances now are.  

So, we urge you to consider that the small fees of the bi-weekly program, and even the more expensive mortgage acceleration programs, are a small fraction of a percent of the interest you can save...and suggest that you don't trust yourself to be a consistent pre-payer.

In the Future:

We have discovered a type of mortgage insurance that we are considering offering to borrowers:  Not PMI which only protects the lender, and not the usual mortgage insurance, this policy will pay off your mortgage in the event of death; will cover you for income-loss or disability; and, best of all, will return the entire principal if you keep paying it for the entire term. Sounds good to us!  Check back here for further news.